Sponsored Superheroes

Italian art director Roberto Vergati Santos imagines a dark future where our favorite superheroes are sponsored by different companies.

The next level of marketing and product placement: Popular characters in comic books and movies are covered in logos of companies and brands.

Batman, Wolverine, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers team endorse products from Nike, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Adidas, Burger King, and UPS. Is this the future of superheroes?

Star Wars Yoga

Series of creative illustrations by Rob Osborne features popular Star Wars characters in various yoga poses.

Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Yoda, and other iconic Star Wars characters love to do “Star Wars Yoga” in their spare time.

The Rolling Pins

Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius, Students from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam have created a set of roller pins called Rollware that allows users to create decorative and edible dishware.

The rolling pins include lazer-cut shapes and patterns that allow the user to construct different sized plates and bowls in various designs . The result can be used to served food and eventually eaten afterwards. The sustainable products merge traditional crafts, tableware production and cooking with digital technology. Cool!


The Clip Bag

The Clip Bag by Peter Bristol borrows its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously. Constructed of wool felt and aluminum tubing.

The 'Kids Rule' wooden ruler

The 'Kids Rule' wooden ruler height chart by Lovestruck Interiors is a handmade, customized wooden growth chart, designed as a giant vintage wooden ruler. Simply fix them to a wall for many generations of recording the growth of your family – over 6 foot high so the adults can measure their demise too! Available in 3 colours – Aged Oak (dark), Mid Oak (light) and Washed White and in both Imperial & Metric measurements. A great gift for boys and girls to track growth. $156

Turkish Coffee Set - Best Mother's Day Gift Under 25$

Life gets busy day by day and time passes so fast. However, despite all that we have going on, making time for your family and your mother should be one priority that we shouldn’t put off. While it’s usually very easy to keep rescheduling and finding other things to do instead, postponing mother-daughter (or mother-son :)) time should definitely not become your norm. Having a cup of Turkish Coffee can maximize the time that two of you share together.

Turkish Coffee is a real symbol of abiding relationship and Turkish Coffee  is not only a drink but also a ritual. There is an old Turkish saying that a cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. This shows how much Turkish coffee  is liked among people.

You can also have fun with your mother by reading your or her future from the coffee grounds. This is very popular here in Turkey and sometimes you may be surprised by the things told by somebody who has no info about you. "Don't believe in fortune telling but don't be left without fortune telling." is one of the favorite statements!!! Just check the internet, you can find many sources for reading your fortune from coffee grounds.

So you should visit  your mother on mother’s days with Turkish Coffee Set (Cup and Saucer) and a package of Turkish Coffee and have a beautiful day with your mother. That would be an experience that neither one of you will ever forget.

How can you prepare your Turkish Coffee, you can see the details in the following;

Ingredients for 2

10 gram (3-4 full teaspoons) finely ground Turkish coffee
5 gram (2 full teaspoons) sugar, you can also make it without sugar or with less sugar
2 Turkish coffe cups of cold water


The correct utensil to use is a copper coffee pot with a long handle and no lid, but you can of course use a small saucepan.

Put all the ingredients in the coffee pot or saucepan and start heating slowly, stirring, until the mixture looks frothy and starts boiling. Be carefull, just after it starts boiling you must remove it from the heat and fill the cups until they are half full. After that put the coffee pot back to the heat and boil again. This time it will be less frothy and you can boil it a little longer. After the second boiling you can fill the cups and serve.

You can check for more ideas on NerdWallet's Mother's Day Your Way contest page.