Camera Lens Lamp

Beautiful lamp designed and created by Monoculo looks like a camera lens. DSLR camera lens lamp was handcrafted out of wood. Included lens hood can be reverse mounted or completely removed. Camera Lens Lamp - perfect gift for anyone who loves photography. 

Sleeping Couples

Long exposure photos by German photographer Paul Schneggenburger show the movements and positions of sleeping people.“The Sleep of the Beloved” project documents what happens to couples when they sleep. Do they spend the entire night in each others’ arms, or do they turn away from one another? Amazing black and white images of nocturnal lovers’ dance.

Endless bubble

Unique iPhone case from Japan created for people who love to pop bubbles and play with bubble wrap.PuchiPuchi case protects the iPhone and simulates bubble wrap popping.Innovative layered design provides realistic bubble wrap sound and feel.

Endless bubble wrap case for stress relief and hours of fun.

Mad Men in 2013

Team of designers at Shutterstock created a series of illustrations that show the 2013 version of the popular Mad Men television show. The world of Mad Men through a 21st century lens. Office tools from the 1960s are compared to the ones we have right now.

“Mod Men” illustrations highlight the changes that would take place if characters from Mad Men lived and worked in 2013.

Sons Of Anarchy

Loyalty and friendship within the law breaking club of SAMCRO and the Sons of Anarchy is done so well, that you forget that these guys are bad, like really bad. Between killing, stealing and dealing there is this lovable part of each of the main characters that makes you look at what it means to be placed in a situation that makes it almost impossible to change the course of your life. 

Sons focuses on Jax, played by Brit Charlie Hunnamm, and his inherited VP station within the SAMCRO. Jax, from the beginning struggles with the ideas of SAMCRO and those he has subsequently grown up with after the death of his father when he was young. His mother, played by the amazing Katey Sagal puts new meaning into the words 'Proud Mama'. If anything Gemma (Sagal) is two parts crazy bitch and one part mama. I love her in this role because she is so tough and has to be because she is surrounded by ruthless men who wish to bring her family down. Actually in this serie everybody can be good and bad at the same time. Sometimes your anger to some character rises up after you can see the other face of this character.

Me and my husband started from episode one, although it starts slow, but you get the urge to keep watching. Now, after 5 seasons we know that that this isn't at all just another biker series! Sons of anarchy is great combination between drama, thriller, action and die hard mobster.

We watched all episodes and can't wait for the new season to come. This is one of the best series we watched in years.

The Dent Chair

Stockholm-based o4i Design Studio set out to push the boundaries of what is beautiful in design and chose to create the perfectly imperfect Dent Chair for Blå Station.

The Dent Chair is available in various finishes and leg bases, and comes as either a stackable or non-stackable version.

Ripples in water

The vases by Japanese Oodesign are shaped like allowing users to place flowers into a PET formed resin void - floating nonchalantly on the water. According to the movement of the air, the plants change their position within the container.

Hide it!

This Chameleon Bandage takes the concept of band-aid protection a notch higher by becoming literally invisible. It changes color to exactly match your skin tone!

Clementine is in town!

Hi everybody,
I know you have missed me:)
I wasn't here for a while but I have good news for you, Clementine is back!!!

Well I assumed that everybody heard about sad news of  Posterous,
Posterous will be shutted down at the end of April 2013.

Posterous and its community were really special, I have started blogging with Posterous about five years ago.
I have connected with many people around the world by Posterous platform.

Anyway life goes on...

From now on you can follow my reflections on Posthaven platform. Thank to Garry Tan (ex co-founder of Posterous and co-founder of Posthaven). He created very user friendly platform "Posthaven".

I really recommend Posthaven to Posterous users,
You can import all your posts with a little click and you can save them.

Do not give up your historical posts and keep blogging...