The Experiment

The animation is a culmination of stop motion, live elements shot on HD Cam, and animated still images we shot on a light table. All elements were doctored and composited in Photoshop and After Effects.

Forgetting the things lived together is easy for the others

Can you start again easily? Me, I can’t but I see that it is so easy for the others after the things that lived together, they open their eyes easily in the morning. Life is really easy for the others they can contact with someone else easily, yes maybe they can easily start to share the things with someone else. Yes maybe they are right, life goes on…Maybe I am wrong, maybe I should make my life easier. Seeing the things that the others do, show me the reality of the past …

Birds on Power lines

The creator said :

"That's a bit of a funny story, actually. Fate made me keep it static. I didn't have my tripod with, if you can believe, and I had to rig one from a light stand, a super clamp and a grip head. That it even worked is nothing short of a miracle I had to block the wind from passing (and honking, of course) cars, because the stand was so unstable. To look at me making this film must have been a sight. "