Halb Halb

Pretty cool idea to mirror #180! Two halves of a circle gently sloping to reveal different perspectives depending on how they are angled. Attached to a wooden base, the mirror can be placed in three different positions, which allows a number of possibilities of view. Depending on the angle, you can see yourself standing close to each other, or one behind the other at different heights, or what hangs below the ceiling. By Berlin designers Halb Halb.


New World Record

I-Go Big stuntmen broke the world record for the highest blob launch at Twin Falls, Idaho. Two guys jumped from a nearby cliff and launched a full-grown man 82 feet (25 meters) in the air. The previous record that got worldwide media coverage was 56 feet (17 meters), set by a Swiss blob team.

Nihilist toothpaste

Toothpaste is available in all sorts of flavors, colors, and varieties these days. Heck, they’re not just limited to paste, either, because liquid and gel toothpastes exist now. But not with meaningless minty toothpaste—they use a toothpaste that has no flavor, no color, nothing. It’s the perfect gift for anyone you know who thinks they know what nihilism means.–just plain old white paste in minimalist packaging.

McPhee describes it as:
At its most extreme, Nihilists don’t believe in anything. So, when we decided to make toothpaste for nihilists, we decided that it shouldn’t taste like anything because they don’t believe in flavor. Brushing your teeth with Nihilist Toothpaste is really brushing them with a big dollop of reality.
Nihilist toothpaste comes in 2.5 oz tubes and is priced at $5.

Campfire Fishing Rod

This clever fishing rod appears to be particularly effective at keeping you a safe distance from the heat. Featuring a fishing pole appeal this fun roasting stick has a stainless steel line and roasting hooks, a fixed steel line, and a heat resistant wooden handle. And fun!