Fire Escape Shelf

Make a classic element of outdoor metropolitan landscape a part of your indoor décor with the Fire Escape Shelf.

Made from hand-welded epoxy-coated stainless steel, this sturdy urban accessory will provide a safe passage for candles, potted plants or other curios you wish to display.
Hang several shelves vertically down your wall for an even more dramatic effect.

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Forebruary: An Endless Calendar That Never Needs To Be Replaced

Russian product designer Ilya Birman’s ‘Forebruary‘ is an endless wall calendar that doesn’t need to be replaced every year. It comes with a movable frame above the surface that contains the month needed, and a red stripe highlights the weekend.

Birman, who is interested in information display, typography and layout, writes:

"It has always bugged me that every year people produce and sell wall calendars for the next year. It is hard not to notice that there are only seven different months. Even one full-year calendar already has duplicate months. When something bugs a designer, designer makes a project."

The concept design isn’t available to buy at the moment, but Birman says it should be made from “nice and expensive materials” rather than printed out on paper. This is because it isn’t a throwaway thing and he thinks it should look good next to a clock on the wall. Keep an eye on Birman’s website for updates about its availability. 

Screw Magnets

Magnet pins with the screw motif.

Extra cool feature: Each screw has a different length, making it look as if the photo's are actually being screwed in!

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Ippo the "zonkey", A Cross Between a Zebra and a Donkey

A baby Zonkey, a cross between a Zebra and a donkey, named Ippo has been born at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy.  The father is a zebra that was adopted by the animal reserve after he was rescued from a failing zoo. The mother is a Donkey of Amiata, an endangered animal species. Serena Aglietti, one of the employees at the reserve, said in a statement, "Ippo is the only one of her kind in Italy."

Magical Bottle Opener Can Pour Wine Without Popping the Cork

A new opener from Coravin pours a glass of wine without the need to open the bottle. No, this is not magic or osmosis at work here, but rather, a thin hollow needle is used to pierce the cork to get to the precious fluid inside. The science behind the system is a simple matter of preventing the inevitable chemical reaction between wine and oxygen. Normally, when you pop the cork on a bottle, the wine tannins inside the bottle begin to interact with the oxygen in a process called oxidation. Now, by combining a wine preservation system with an opener (or at least a pour spout), wine enthusiasts can enjoy wine by the glass without sacrificing the bottle. The device clamps on to a bottle of wine and the needle is inserted through the cork simply by pressing down on the unit. Argon is then introduced into the bottle through the needle and the resulting pressurization forces out the wine into a waiting glass. No oxygen is let into the bottle during the process and the needle is small enough so that the cork naturally seals itself upon removal. The Coravin 1000, the price is $300. 

William Trubridge - Freediver

William Trubridge dives deep on a breathtaking journey into the big blue sea while by land breathing the zen of freediving. William Trubridge is a world champion and double world record holding freediver from New Zealand. He was born in the UK but moved to New Zealand when he was 18 months old.

As of 2013 Trubridge held the world record in the free immersion and the constant weight without fins disciplines, and was the first to break the 100m barrier unassisted.