Hyperloop transport system, NY to LA in 45 minutes

Elon Musk announced the Hyperloop system concept, a new method that would transport people from one side of the US to the other in just 45 minutes, a trip that normally takes almost six hours by plane. Musk describes the Hyperloop system as “a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun, and an air hockey table.” Hyperloop would a system of cross-country tubes that would consists of capsules capable of carrying six people and their luggage. Six-person capsules travel in the tubes and can reach a maximum speed of 6,500 km/h, and provide 50 times more transportation per kwh. A tube can travel from New York to Beijing in two hours, and make a round-the-world trip in just six hours.

Mystifying Illusions of People Walking Sideways on Walls

These black and white figures are so realistic, pedestrians might be mystified when they pass by this wall mural by Norwegian stencil artist Anders Gjennestad. Also known as Strøk, the artist utilizes all kinds of visual tricks, including distorted perspective and strong shadows, to produce illusions of people walking sideways on walls.

Strøk's canvas is often rusty metal, wooden palettes, gritty walls, or shiny glass, that interact with his subjects. This particular piece was recently completed on a wall in the city of Porsgrunn, Norway. According to the artist's bio, "His hand cut multi layered stencils create photorealistic imagery, with depth and detail that is complex, tactile, and mentally engaging."

Coca-Cola's Sharing Can

Ogilvy & Mather designed an innovative beverage can for Coca Cola that splits in half for easy sharing between two people. Or if you're the greedy kind, you can just leave the other half for later without losing the fizz!!!