Battlestar Galactica


BSG is a wonderful sci-fi series! In the midst of the battles between the human kind and the robots, the dark sides of the people are exposed whereas the robots display in themselves what humanity should be. The desire to survive, the yearning for the Earth, and the hope for the future drive both the humans and the robots as the distinctions between them gradually disappear.

The casting was exceptional and the performances were more than convincing. The actors did excellent jobs in expressing the emotional struggles within and without. The dynamic and unpredictable story lines demanded feats of acting skills and they all performed to high standards. 

I am at a loss for words when writing on this show. It's not that this show is so good that it transcends words, it's more of , how do I explain what I feel? For that's what this show is. It isn't about what you see, it's about what you feel, in your emotional reaction. 
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Loved it as well, just finished the Caprica series, have you watched it as well?
I have 5 more episodes of Caprica to go. People complained that Caprica had a slow pace, but I loved it. They didn't want to make it the same as BSG, and it explained some of the things. Looking forward to the next installment, Blood and Chrome or something like that.
Great series just a pity that it had to end in such a rubbish way. Splitting season 4 into two so they can then claim that season 5 was also made.
Although I never followed any of the Battlestar series' whilst on TV, nor much Sci-Fi at all(I used to watch Star Trek TNG), I was turned on to BSG by my son, who got the series from his youth pastor, and we watched the entire series over the summer. I think we flew through it in a month, since he was out of school and we stayed up late as we couldn't stop watching. It was the first time I allowed him to stay up after his bedtime.
Needless to say, I loved it. I started Caprica, but haven't gotten past the third show, not groovin' on that one.