Cities are wonderful subjects for photography

More people across the world are living in cities than ever before. Cities are both places of historical significance and the engines of the world's economy. They're also home to some of the greatest treasures and buildings that mankind has created. Cities are wonderful subjects for photography.

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All of those are stunning but isn't the second one something else? Really draws your eye in and a lovely rustic feel.
I love the Eiffel Tower one.
Eiffel Tower is great, the lamp one (the last) is very nice, too! Nice photos!

This collection shows what a good camera can do when properly handled! =D

Those were gorgeous. Thanks for sharing
Amazing pictures. I wish I was in those places. I'm using those now as my wallpapers for my desktop. Thanx
I live in the countryside and love where I live but I absolutely love visiting cities. I've enjoyed many weekend breaks to amazing cities. I love discovering secret places; the back streets, a hidden café. I just wanted to say these photos are amazing and completely sum up the reason a person falls in love with a city.

Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to view these :)

thanks Kate your comments and wishes are so lovely:))
Kuzen, harika fotoğraflar ama bazı şehirleri çıkartamadım, sırasıyla yazsan ya =) bana kolaylık. Ayrıca benim Budapeştem eksik o fotoğraflarda ben de o şehre aşığım...
ooo kuzen:)
yazarim tabi isimleri sana
budapesteyi nassi atlamisim ben:)
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