About me

This is Clementine, nice to share something with you...

Why am I here or what is my aim? The answer is very simple to share what i make or what i like...

You don't need to search the details behind my perspective or my personality because i don't like artificial or complicated things. Life is so short so please don't make the life unbearable with your artificial and complicated things.

Please catch the moment and share these moments with other exact people....

Hi this is me this is clementine share this moment with me...

If you want to contact with me my email is: clementine@reflectionof.me

7 responses
Cool domain Clementine! :) I did the same some days ago www.westside.fm How do you find Posterous?
thanks, do you understand my native language because i have seen that you have just favorited naif insan?
No, unfortunately I do not :(
I just confirmed back his one.
Actually I'm Italian ;-)


i see, i saw your blog and i saw your language, so welcome to posterous this is a very funny community, ciao
Thanks a lot!!!

Thank you editors for the topic.Its include a lot of useful informations.i join this blog i couldnt see unnecessary arguments and it makes us happy thnx all moderator n editors.
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Awesome blog! My warmest compliments. You are an inspiration.