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beautiful. congratulations.
congrats! wooohoooo... you look beautiful!
Congratulations! Have a wonderful new life, with peace, love and comprehension. Be always optimistic like you really are.

I follow your blog for a long time and I guess this is my first comment in here.

Soooo... CONGRATS and have a happy life.


Congrats! What a awesome couple.
Congratulations on getting married! Best wishes to you both.
Congratulations Clementine, you are a beautiful bride and I wish you all the happiness in this world!!! I really enjoy following your posts and life, thank you!
congrats! how beautiful!
Such a beautiful wedding and start to the next phase of life. Thank you very much for sharing the joy so apparent in these gorgeous pictures, Clementine. I wish you a lifetime of joy and health!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
Though we have never met, I have seen many important events of your life through your photos on Posterous. You are a beautiful bride, and I wish you every happiness in your married life!
oh congratulations! et tous mes voeux de bonheur! :) you're beautiful!
Mazel Tov!! Congratulations on your New Life and your beautiful wedding ceremony, dress! You deserve all of it, and more!
Congratulations, Clementine!! I'm very happy for you-Cheers!!
Congratulations Clementine!!! Where have you celebrated your wed?
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