Delicious fish and sea foods

Balikci Ugur fish restaurant serves you the most delicious taste. The owner of restaurant (Ugur Abi) wishes to be with you in his restaurant under the atmosphere which will make you feel at home, their kitchen is mainly consist of fish and sea foods. You should try its delicious fish and sea foods. The restaurant is located 300 metres uphill from Sultanahmet Tram Station in Sokullu Pasa Hotel (in Istanbul-Turkey).

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Looks like a fantastic time with good friends and good food!
looks delicious!
mon dieu, je voudrais manger avec toi
emperor dining sauce-palace dining sauce-seafood dining sauce-finger bowl include warm water and vinegar and slice lemon,-half lemon on small dolly paper and underline,bottle of cumin powder-bottle of Cayenne powder-bottle of zaater powder are latest style in service standards of all items of sea food menu instead of traditional standards of (tartar sauce-remolade sauce-hollandaise sauce-garlic sauce-lemon sauce -salt and pepper)in F,B outlets fine dining (fisherman-blue house-blue sea-panorama-American salon) or casual dining (cascade-seafood beach restaurant-oasis-American market)