This is not Buffy! This is not Angel! 

This is speculative fiction. It shows technology and situations that are extrapolations of what is and what could be. This show has no magic where the laws of nature are avoided. This one is a different genre. The technology of the Black projects that the government funds are much more advanced than what is commercially available. Cloning of humans is probably a secret but historical fact. Hybrids of human and animal DNA are rumoured to exist. Imprinting of a human personality into a cybernetic body for the prolongation of human life is being researched and could already be a reality. Pity us when the serial killer can escape by changing bodies.

The premise of Dollhouse allows for the use of Dolls for many purposes. Many may use it as a whorehouse but it also is easily used for spying and commercial purposes. James Bond gets old and changes bodies/actors but if his abilities and character are placed in many agents, a dependable agent is mass produced and production is assured.

We have also seen that this is not just an American operation. There are Dollhouses in various countries. The resources of Dollhouse permeate the highest and most secure levels of governments. We have also seen that a person can be a volunteer to be a doll or a conscript. Theoretically, a murder can be wiped and made to lead a peaceful life thereafter, but the magic in the premise is when the exceptions come into view. There may be a general rule but radicals appear in the best system. That makes it interesting. 

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She looks like you, in a way... At first glance, for me. =P ^^
Interesting, I'll watch it. I like this genre. =) Thanks for the suggestion! =D
Great post, something to really think about.
I was thinking about this series... it must be a very interesting job to have an Active role... exatly because their role change often, even more than once in some episodes. =D For actors, it must be a great job! \o/
Again, thanks for introducing me to this series. =)
So sad this show was cancelled. It was killer, totally loved it!
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