Game of Thrones

I didn't read the books so what I see in the episodes are completely new to me. This series is outstanding, the plot it very complex, you get a lot of action/drama scenes. Sometimes it gives you the felling that you're watching a football match where you don't have a favorite team, but as the game goes you get this occurred felling and you get yourself backing a team as if they where your favorites from the beginning. It definitely makes you want more.

What makes this series so great is that you never know what will happen. In some series/movies you know XXX is the good guy and they will never die. They will always win. It takes out the suspense. Instead of wondering if your guy will win, you just watch to see how they will when. In this serie everything goes. No one is safe or secure. It is one of the first series where no one ( except those who have read the books) knows what will happen. (next phrase has a spoiler)For example, we have Ed Stark at the beginning. He is the guy featured on the posters. He is the King's hand. At the end of the 1st season, he dies. 

 I am loving this serie and sad I have to wait for Season 2.

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Nicely stated, clementine. By the end of season one, everything is poised on the brink. The variety of cultures and perspectives in this world make for fascinating interaction and guesses as to what will come, but as you say there is no knowing. Typical rules don't apply. The final image of season one fulfilled my fondest hope. I did not think we would lose Mr. Bean as he lends so much to everything he does, but he got the lot off to a great start. Notice how everyone goes for the throat or heart here? That's about the only 'rule' I can find! :) Dire wolves are extinct now in our world, so 'Long live the dire wolf!' ;)
Little tiny dragons are so cute :)
I'm hooked!!!
Love the series for those same reasons and I've read all the books! Anything happens - and you either live or die when you play the game of thrones! I do recommend the books if you want to delve in deeper. Very well written.
I had been hearing about the books for some time, and I wanted to read them but did not have the opportunity, so when the series came out I sat me down to watch. Result? Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful production, excellent casting, completely engaging story. I was hooked in the first fifteen minutes, and I only got more hooked. So now I am listening to the audiobook version as well, and I am astonished how closely the television series has kept to the story as told in the book. The changes are minimal and seem to stem from production requirements more than anything. Where the book excels is where you'd expect it to: the level of detail, the extra depth; I doubt any visual adaptation could ever beat a book on those scores. And yet, there is something so compelling about the television series that I'd almost put the two on a par with each other. Simply brilliant.

The scene with the pyre and the aftermath, our rapidly maturing Daenerys sitting in the ashes, the first dragons seen in those lands for—what, now, like a thousand years, is it? We literally clapped and hooted with joy! Such a counterpoint to the loss of Lord Stark, who in the end should have been able to intone those words one more time: "Winter is coming". Alas, no one would have heard him. But they'll find out, won't they?

Anyway,—one of the best shows on television, easily. Absolutely a "don't miss this!" series. I can't wait for next season.

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