Homemade Amphibious Bike

Homemade amphibious bike made from water bottles by Li Jin from China.

Eight giant water bottles serve as pontoons and the back wheel fitted with paddles propels the bicycle forward.

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Homemade Amphibious Bike ....awesome!!!
Yes these are the words! Would be a threat on German rivers and lakes- no permission not listet as a riverworthy boat in any paper;-) a wet threat! Love this one!
This brings to mind many variations on this idea, and other ideas for amphibious uses for 5 gallon water jugs, lol.
I guess the pneumatic tires help with floating too :)
Can't believe he didn't get on it himself. He clearly didn't have much faith that it was going to work.
Why do you assume it was the guy who invented it? Maybe he was just an assistant? You are so sexist...lol

Nah...you prob right...the dude invented that bike...how else would he get a girl to talk to him ha ha

This would give me a wet suit
Fantastic way to have fun in the lakes... hope it works with pets... awesome idea! Congrats to the inventor!
'It works fine!... you go first!' Lol
That looks like it was a lot of fun, great idea!