I'm addicted to coffee

Today I was really thinking on a Starbucks coffee. I did some research and read more about their concept of designing and their team work. Actually Starbucks has two groups of designers as follow, the global creative team that handles advertising and marketing material, products presentation and packaging,  the store design group witch is responsible for the furniture, fittings and layout of the stores. At the creative group they have graphic designers together with technical and packaging specialists. Some of the team also bring fine art and illustration skills to the mix so that is probably why they have such a good range of products. Check it out.

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i am an coffee addict too. but we can beat starbucks! just don't go there haha. i have found great coffee shops in new york and they cost just as much, but they taste 100 times better. starbucks burn their coffee because they want to keep their taste consistent throughout the states. If you can find any local coffee shop, I'd def. recommend drinking their coffee, even it's a bit more expensive. Starbucks is for brand loyalty people...we can all defeat the brand loyalty by being just a little more open minded to other stores. I'd love to join you for a cup (or many many cups, I need 4 cups at least to start my day) one of these days.
Nice M.C. Escher rip off.
Haha, very cool. I do like coffee, too, but, unfortunetly, in Brazil, there's only a few Starbucks, and in São Paulo only. It's quite a famous brand, I'd like to try it someday... =D
Hey that's a fun image. I'm a Starbucks store designer, so I'll have to post so images of my new work soon. You'll be seeing some very unexpected design coming up.
i jes love coffee.. m...
I've become addicted to that frothy warm drink. Without it, my day is incomplete.
I think that Cheapest Kamagra is similar to this kind of drink since you feel something that is gonna happen to your physics
everybody's additted to coffee, although it makes your breath worse or blacken your teeth. I have 10% discount for Starbucks for 3 years, no doubt i'm slave for it.
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