In Summer my favorite drink is ofcourse beer!

It might seem strange to quaff your brewskis from a pouch like this, but its maker says it'll taste a whole lot better. The CarboPouch by the Beverage Pouch Group is designed for artisan beermakers, letting them fill you up a six pack to go on-site, making it so the smaller brewers don't need to buy any cumbersome beer-filling assembly line contraptions to ply their hand-made wares.

The best part is the "organoleptic film structure" that doesn't change the taste of the beer at all. The slightly flexible pouch gives the beer room to fizz, and it's easy to fill with the cap on the bottom. Don't expect beer from the majors to sell like this, but this could be a big plus for local beer craftsmen.

Via Beverage Pouch Group