Instagram Socialmatic Camera

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera concept by ADR Studio. They imagined the Instagram icon becoming a real life digital instant film camera. The camera is packed with 16GB of storage, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 4:3 Touchscreen, Optical zoom, and even an internal printer to help bring your photos to life with ease. Features:
- 16 GB mass storage; 
- Wifi and Bluetooth; 
- 4:3 touchscreen; 
- 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing; 
- Optical zoom; 
- Led Flash; 
- Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real; 
- Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets; 
- Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks; 
- InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature;

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I really love to have a camera like this.
Holy crap!! Looks like a square iPhone
Im sad because I can't get Instagram!:(
Wow, interesting :)
How do u get iOS 4.3
Do you know how much could it cost?
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