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that's the city I'd start with if i were to go on a euro trip. Great pictures, thanks.
great photos
Great pictures of my birth city ;)
suuuuper funny... check out the #2 with my #8 (it should display automagically): http://albertodottavi.viewbook.com/portugal#/8/

great! :D

great picts.. a year ago I played a concert in Porto, and I was amazed how friendly people where.. It really made me want to see more of portugal, and especially Lisbon, thx for reminding
great pictures!
Beautiful shots. Love the trollys they have.
Lisboa, que saudades!
Thank You
this city is so artistic for us:))
Yep, it's great. Wanna buy it? ;)
:) I think you should visit Lisbon and you should create your own art:)
Going to study in Lissabon soon as exchange student :D. Back to the roots. Clementine where are you from?
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