In "Paprika," a revolutionary device called a DC Mini - think like a Bluetooth headset with stiletto attachments - is stolen from a research facility where a group of psychiatrists are experimenting with technology that allows them to enter peoples' dreams. The DC Mini, we learn, was developed with the intention of attempting to understand the dynamics dreams play in certain mental illnesses, and trying to see if a cure can be found there. When this theft happens, dreams literally collide head-on with reality, as the figments of peoples' imaginations are sprayed all over the real world.

Atsuko Chiba is a researcher who along with the DC Mini's portly developer, a laboratory gnome, a homicide detective, and Chiba's gorgeous, dreamy alter-ego Paprika must enter the world of dreams to uncover the sinister plot behind the device's theft.

"Paprika" is one ambitious, fabulous-looking,  not even five minutes go by when this film already starts to manipulate the boundaries of fantasy and reality. This is certainly one of the most beautiful-looking Anime features I've ever seen. The bizarre and surreal imagery really does seem like a nightmare come vividly to life on the screen.
Dream on!