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Clnudot bveeile taht I culod atcliauy urntndsaed ... what's written is not true, if you mix the letters, for example put all the consonants at the beginning of the word and if it's long enough you can't read it. This whole Cdgrbmiae Ustvrnieie thing is fake.
Point well taken. Thank you. I am not dumb after all. I know some that stop reading if one word is spelled wrong. You have made my day.
The only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place. I got that but what if the person reading hasn't ever heard nor read the word written.
@Stephane - there is a letter 'y' in University - but I still read your final sentence.

Thing is, I think it is pretty amazing, with or without limitations.

I think more to the point is that it is about context. I guessed/intuited/figured out/ a lot of it from what it 'had' to be in context.

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