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Saw most of them, missed a few. Nice work.
))))) Nice montage. good work!
very smart montage
I don't even recognize most of them!
I love Movies...
well done
Well done, I enjoyed your choice of music. I have not seen some of the movies, will you have a list of what they are?
nevermind I found your list!
I have no idea how I ended up on this blog since I was searching for Terps vs Georgia Tech ACC score. This was a surprise. I always love film blogs. I think I have seen majority of the films in the montage. Its a nice one. I thought you left out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind totally till it came across somewhere on the 7th min. Its my fav one from this decade. Also, I think there were three or four movies from the 90s.

Anyways nice work.

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