Thanks to all my followers:))


Well today I have noticed that I have already exceeded 2,000,000 page views. Thank to all my followers:))


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You're welcome! I can always count on your "reflection" to break the monotony of my day.
Excellent posts! How can we resist!
Here's to 2MILLION more!
No, we should thank YOU for brightening our days!
Thank You - Your choices of posts are brilliant!
I love your blog!
Keep going,your blog is brilliant:)
Love your blog!
You're welcome, we love the same things, cooking, art & friends...
You're always welcome! Your posts are true gifts to us all.
beautiful posts by a beautiful girl...please do not stop blogging
Im not in to following that much, but out of 4 or 5 that i do you are one of them. I guess thats because your page is fresh, cool and random and yes you look hot too :) anyway keep on posting. Happy new year and thanks for the great job!!
Dear Clementine- We would follow you to the ends of the Internet
there are so fun&nice reading your posting(s) :-)
that's amazing. If I had to choose just one person to follow on Posterous, it would be you.
Congratz Clementine!

just wanted to say that i absolutely love your findings.
so i come by nearly every day.


You're the best!
I love your findings, go on clementine...
Congratulations, Clementine! I always look forward to reading your blog every week during my Monday morning updates.
Love the photo! You really post some terrific stuff!
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