The Manslater – A translator to understand what women mean !

The Manslater” is a funny fictive gadget that would help many men to understand women, because it can translate what women say! Ladies do not worry, this gadget also works the other way, and you will also understand what men want to say … A pretty funny video!

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(men love for live,women live for love) by swiss philosopher(jan john ross)(behind great man there are 2 ladies,one woman and her mother)by indian philosopher(tagor),passion is concert and consern is passion,it is the main subjest in relation between man and women
Is that Strongbad doing the voice or the manslater?
Understanding is the most important thing in relationship.. you better learn to understand what they want.. give the attention.. this device is totally great..
Hey, if you liked the Manslater Video and own a Android Phone you should check out the "real" Manslator App on - this way you'll be able to finally understand youw wife ;)
Funny, yes, true..
But seems to me that what is decoded from men are all very positive thoughts, when from women they are negative, agressive ones..
Am I mistaken?
infact women actually don't know what they want so basically this is bull crap
This video is damn funny and mostly true. Decoding women language is now easy. Also read my blog on similar lines.
Where I can get this
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