The Tourist

I never thought it would be a movie starring one of the greatest actors of our time, and one of the most beautiful actresses around. It also starred some of my other favorites like Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, and Timothy Dalton. 

I decided to see this movie even though the critics gave it very poor reviews. I never thought in my wildest dreams that a movie with the credentials of this one might be bad....but, it was. Boring, in fact. 

By now you probably know the storyline about a beautiful, mysterious woman, (Jolie), who becomes involved with some mysterious goings on starting in Paris and moving on to Venice. She meets a man (Depp) on a train (an old plot ploy) and takes him to her hotel in Venice where she kisses him and then promptly leaves him to sleep on the couch. Then the real action starts..a gangster is after a man he think is some one who stole from him, instead finding a mild mannered math teacher, simply a tourist. The scenery in Venice is gorgeous and helps make up for some plot holes. The story is so muddled that the scenery doesn't help enough.

Hmmmm....Nothing about this film worked well. The cinematography was just OK, the writing was terrible, and the direction was missing. In one scene what was supposed to be a long, slow romantic approach to each other was interrupted by a song that was far from romantic. In another, Depp's attempts at humor fall flat. The few times Jolie spoke, I wasn't sure what kind of accent she was trying to do, only figuring out through other sources what nationality she was supposed to be. 

Think what you will of Angelina, but I don't see her as a serious actress. She is just beautiful, and extremely frail looking in this role, not sexy at all. I love Depp but he has rarely gone for the romantic leading man role. He should stick to what he does so well, the quirky, character driven roles.

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It's based on a French Film - have not seen it but the original is probably much better.
I've lost all respect for Jolie now she has gone all anorexic ;( It's not a good look
Your thoughts on the film are spot on. It was "OK" but not at all what I expected. I guess I was looking for something darker, or more exciting. Maybe next time.
So bummed!!! Depp is awesome and I thought for sure this would be a blockbuster.
The Romantic Comedy/Drama genre is a lost art.
Hopefully someone will discover it again someday.
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