What do you think about these pictures?

Well the answer is like a magic:),
this is a regional food of Antakya*. It's a chicken under the salt, eating this chicken is like a feast behind a fire:)
The chef cooks the chicken under the salt after this he creates a fire on it  and later he breaks the salt, you should try this it's really delicious.

*Antakya is located on the banks of the Oronte Rivers (Turkish: Asi Nehri), approximately 22 km (14 mi) inland from the Meditarrene coast. It enjoys a climate with hot and dry summers, and mild and wet winters.

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i think these two pictures are cool. I have been dying to try food cooked under salt. i heard pineapple grilled with a layer of salt is darn good too!
Wow -- I never would have imagined something like this dish.
wow..spectacular food hehe
never try this
Pineapple grilled with a layer of salt wow, very interesting i'd like to try.
Wow, this is an amazing concept! I wonder where I can try some!
Yay! Where's that place? I'm from Antakya, what the heck :)
These photos are from Reyhanli (Antakya)
Haha even I'm from Turkey but I've never tried these. Uhm looks yummy.
you should try it
I hope this is not too gross...but when I first saw them (before I noticed the hand for perspective) the first thought that came to my sordid mind was: dried up implants that had been removed. (I'm horrible, aren't I)

But now that I know what they are...I'm thinking, YUM!

I've had fish baked in salt. It's terrific. (You don't eat the salt. When they bring this giant salt mound to your table, you don't know what's happening at first. Then they crack it open, the steam comes out, and so does delicious dead sea creature flesh.) Here's a recipe:


That is awesome, thx for sharing!

Brian thanks for the recipe, i will try it:)
Cool!  Let me know how it turns out!
i will let you know:)
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