The Hang Around kitchen utensils

The Hang Around kitchen utensils were created by Kibisi for Muuto. Each utensil is made from wood and has a small slit by the handle, so you can perch it on the edge of the pan or pot after using it. Good idea.


Handle makes marinating easy. No kabobs rolling around on the grill... no spinning food. This inventive 12-inch-long cooking tool is easy to load, flip, and release. Food stays in place on food grade 18/8 stainless steel "teeth.

Set of two: $11.

Solar Powered Window Socket

Innovative electrical outlet is powered by solar energy and can be easily attached to any window. Window Socket designed by Kyuho Song converts sunlight into electricity and allows people to charge their small electronic devices. Simply attach the power socket to any window and plug in your device. 

Portable socket can be easily transported and used in any location.

BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill

The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill(59€) let you enjoy the BBQ on your balcony.

"The Bruce Handrail Grill by designer Henrick Drecker combines the function of a handy grill with the principle of a flower pot: It hangs on the handrail in common flower-pot supports and does moreover not need much space. The grill can be hanged on the handrail or at the wall, which also makes its use in gardens or on huge terraces possible."

Whiskey Stones

Okay, water is awesome. We can’t deny that. And perhaps its best feature is that it can freeze (You know that "ice" stuff? That's made of water!). And not to mention that when frozen, it's practically perfect for warm beverages.

But wait, there's a catch!

If the temperature doesn't stay below freezing, then the hard water starts to melt and your drink becomes all watery and doesn't taste good anymore. It's all very scientific stuff. You wouldn’t understand.

Luckily, a few great soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont have created Whiskey Stones. These little ice-imitators are specially designed to put a slight chill in your Whiskey. All you do is put them in the freezer for a few hours and then pop a couple into a glass of single malt. Once you're done, rinse, dry and do it all over again! And no need to worry about a watery drink, because these stones don't dilute (that’s the best part). Dylan Thomas would've loved these things. We hope you will too.


  • Set of 9
  • 7/8 " cubed
  • Comes with small drawstring carrying bag
  • Made from US mined soapstone

Game of Thrones Coasters

Syrio Forel taught us to remain calm as still water, but we all know that even still water can leave condensation marks on your furniture. Before you have to get fierce like a wolverine on your significant other or children, consider a low-cost alternative: super sweet coasters from your favorite books and TV show, A Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones House Sigil Coaster Set comes with four thirsty cork coasters, ready to drink up wayward fluids. Each coaster features the sigil of a house its signature colors: the dragon of Targaryen, the dire wolf of Stark, the stag of Baratheon, and the lion of Lannister. Now raise a glass to the King - whoever that happens to be at the moment.