I loved this place so much. The ambiance was wonderful and all the things were delicious, especially its calamary was awesome!  If you are in Istanbul, you should visit Takanik in Arnavutkoy.

What do you think about these pictures?

Well the answer is like a magic:),
this is a regional food of Antakya*. It's a chicken under the salt, eating this chicken is like a feast behind a fire:)
The chef cooks the chicken under the salt after this he creates a fire on it  and later he breaks the salt, you should try this it's really delicious.

*Antakya is located on the banks of the Oronte Rivers (Turkish: Asi Nehri), approximately 22 km (14 mi) inland from the Meditarrene coast. It enjoys a climate with hot and dry summers, and mild and wet winters.