Punch bag laundry bag

The punch bag laundry bag is big enough to hold a heavyweight load of washing & tough enough to take a beating. Now you can use your dirty laundry for your workout. Hang the bag in your wardrobe or the corner of your room, until you're ready to take your laundry to the cleaners. It is an ideal to collect boxers, trousers and shirts.

Oktopus - A Tentacle Toilet Plunger

The “Oktopus” toilet plunger is a concept designed by Art. Lebedev Studio.
"“Octopus” – household plumbing plunger to clean the sewage. Tentacle is very comfortable to hold, and a large cup diameter increases the effectiveness of “Octopus” in his work, and it can be used to clean any domestic sewage, including toilet. Pen-tentacle is made of plastic, bottom – made of silicone. Overall height – 440 mm diameter suction cup – 130 mm."

R2D2 heels

Having seen the traditional heels for years, it's high time for you to own the handmade R2D2 heels
Over at Instructables, the designer explains: "The wide heel of these shoes was removed and replaced with a steel bolt to provide strength and support, but at a fraction of the size. An R2D2 toy covers the heel bolt, and the toes have been decorated with lenses, blue accents, and a blinking red LED to let everyone know just how this droid rolls."