Out of bounds

Out of bounds (OOB) photos are post processed photos where the contents are taken outside the boundaries, presented in creative 3-dimensional perspective. OOB photos can be achieve with some basic photo editing skills.

From  hongkiat.

Yes Man

I'm not a fan of Jim Carrey, in fact most of times he is repulsive for me. Anyway i liked 'Yes Man", i mean i liked point of view of the film. After I watched the movie i start to think my life and my 'NO' answers. Well i think i will start to use the answer 'YES' more often in my life. It sounds good, life is short and we should't miss it, in my life i usually stop the the things and the people with my answer 'NO',  i think for some moments i will change it.
I feel it will take my life to higher stages of hapiness. So 'YES' to life:)