London to Brighton

The film itself is set in the space of 24 hours, as it periodically cuts from the previous night's events to their current situation. We are thrown head first into the story, and it is not until two-thirds of the way through the film do we get an idea of what crimes these girls have committed. The character's themselves are well written and acted, each one flawed in their own ways.

Nio reminds you

You're walking down a dark alley when you get jumped. Someone grabs your bag. They get away. Your nose is broken, ribs bruised. That is, until an alarm goes off in your pocket. If the blood gushing down your face weren't enough, the Nio, which measures proximity to your connected Bluetooth devices, confirms that your cellphone has indeed been stolen. As the high pitched squeal adds the cherry on top to your excruciating head pain, all you can think is, thank goodness


Christina is a part of a tough girl group, with her best friends, Cecilie, Trine and Pernille. They live for the weekends where they gatecrash party's, get drunk and experiment with drugs and sex. In a mix of being bored, and lack of money, the girls rob a locker room, Christina is seen by an old lady, and in her confession, she has to give in the other girls. Suddenly she is no longer in the inner circle of the group, she's and outcast, and a snitch! That, and the fact that Cecilie thinks Chistina has something going on with her boyfriend, drives them out in a crazy drama of revenge. It all ends with violent encounter. I think it is not a bad film, I mean it tells a t story, and in a good way. The music in the movie is also great, and very well chosen, for the different scenes.