Evol’s art

Evol’s is one of the most interesting street artist that i known. He’s curretly displaying his new works at the WILDE Gallery in Berlin. You can check out the photographs taken by Just, which documents the vernisagge at the Wilde Gallery in Berlin. If are you there, please don’ t miss it!

Below the complete WILDE gallery expo description. Enjoy!

Evol’s interests have focused on the overlooked and the refuse of urban society, offering visual comments and thoughts that remind us of the failure of modernism and its visions of an architectural utopia. EVOL draws our attention to the collective memory of places, a memory that is open ended, but in it’s decoding always seems to remain strangely personal.

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EVOL's work is beautiful...I collect street art, live in LA, and have some local Becca work, TWIST (San Fran-now known as Barry McGee), among other artists' pieces. As an admirer of art & architecture & fashion I really am enjoying the realistic and re-use aspect of EVoL's pieces. I would so love to see his work in person. Are there any pieces here in the States? will I have to fly to Berlin to see any of his pieces? I am not a jetsetter, but am so very inspired. There is an artist named Michael McMillan in LA who would like this work as well. He does a lot of scenescapes, miniatures, and full scale works (see LACMA & the Craft Museum where he currently has work up). Perhaps a collaboration is in order East meets West?
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