Christopher Sickels

Christopher Sickels creates 3D illustrations which have appeared in numerous magazines, books, newspapers and adverts, making him a very popular multi-tasker within the arts. He has conjured up a world full of endearing, intricately made puppets. Red Nose Studio is where his characters come alive.


“In Praise of Shadows”

I have visited a wonderful exhibition in İstanbul Museum of Modern Art it was about the magical world of shadows and animations.

It was really different for me to discover the influence of traditional shadow theatre on the cinema of the turn of the 20th century and on contemporary art of today, with its new exhibition “In Praise of Shadows”.

“In Praise of Shadows”, reflecting the influences on contemporary art of the long history of the shadow theatre in Turkey and Greece comprises works that are based on folk tales or simple contemporary narratives and presents more than 100 works of shadow theatre with dance, opera and music, silhouettes, drawings, texts, manuscripts, and films.

The exhibition explores the parallels between the traditions of shadow theatre and the new narrative spirit in contemporary art, while transmitting the traces of the traditional art form on the contemporary world of art in recent years. It addresses not just art-lovers but visitors interested in the history of cinema, animation, and shadow theatre and a great mass from all age groups.