Christina is a part of a tough girl group, with her best friends, Cecilie, Trine and Pernille. They live for the weekends where they gatecrash party's, get drunk and experiment with drugs and sex. In a mix of being bored, and lack of money, the girls rob a locker room, Christina is seen by an old lady, and in her confession, she has to give in the other girls. Suddenly she is no longer in the inner circle of the group, she's and outcast, and a snitch! That, and the fact that Cecilie thinks Chistina has something going on with her boyfriend, drives them out in a crazy drama of revenge. It all ends with violent encounter. I think it is not a bad film, I mean it tells a t story, and in a good way. The music in the movie is also great, and very well chosen, for the different scenes.



The Chorus

This movie is on the best movies i ever seen. It starts off in a small school. The teacher is amazing. He's understanding and teaches kids how to have fun and yet learn. It reminds people about how it's like to be a child. It brings kids together. These once unruly, frightened, abused, and sad children began to have the time of their lives. Thanks to this one teacher. This movie is bitter sweet. Espectially the ending, I was cying in the end. It was so happy and sad. Crying in the middle of french class is quite abnormal. This movie really touches me.

Two lovers

Two lovvers is exactly the kind of film we'd like to see more of. Blessedly free of action heroes trying to save the world, it offers an honest look at a handful of people  trying to work through their love lives. The gritty look of Brighton Beach is made better with the gritty portrayal by an excellent acting ensemble.
No character's story ends with the end of a movie. When two lovers ends there is no more reason to think matters are resolved any more now than when Joaquin  Phoenix attempts suicide in the first 60 seconds.

Eagle eye

Can technology control our life? Think again, this movie wasn't really good but not bad i mean  you can watch it. It will give you the concepts of thriller and action...

The story revolves around Jerry Shaw (Shia Labeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monahan), two strangers, who suddenly find themselves caught up in an Orwellian plot concerning a mysterious female phone caller who plunges the both of them into a nightmare world of espionage. When Jerry’s twin brother (that should be a hint to movie savvy reader’s right there) dies suddenly in an auto accident, he finds his world turned upside down by the F.B.I. , who suspect Jerry as a terrorist. At the same time Rachel’s life is thrown into chaos when she’s given a terrible choice by the mystery caller : follow said caller’s every order or watch her young son die. Not much of a choice there? And so we’re off as the unlikely pair obey the orders of this eagle-eyed mystery woman in an attempt to save Rachel’s son(and themselves) and just maybe the entire world.

The Princess and The Warrior

"The Princess and The Warrior" is a dreamy, atmospheric, twisted, (elegantly) awkward and sometimes violent take on a love story. It draws you into its world, captivates you, floats you on its cloud, makes you feel you are there in this alternate universe a universe you've certainly never experienced before. It truly was like entering another universe only Tykwer himself could have though up... And a surreal one at that. And yet, unlike most 'surreal' films, it is human enough so that you, too, feel and move with the characters. It had me bawling at its profound beauty during one instance.

I can recommend you to watch this movie.


This is a good movie, but not the classic it wants to be. It's funny and tragic, although not too informative if you've read a newspaper with any regularity over last years. In short, there are no surprises.

Josh Brolin gives an excellent performance as W., and the supporting cast is generally. Bush, whom I personally despise for his offensive combination of idiocy and self-righteousness  is treated with fairness and sensitivity. However, while trying to make W. a sympathetic character, Stone pushes his theme "It Was All To Prove Himself To Daddy" way too far.

Waltz with Bashir

I just came back from watching the movie. I found it interesting and unique. The animation in the film is magnificent and enables the director to really "go wild" with his ideas, without having to be "chained" to what reality filming can give him. The main character, is on a journey, trying to collect as many memories as he can of the time when he was a young soldier, at war. This journey is so well done, touching, interesting. The man, Ari, slowly revels his past, and we follow him, to an amazing trip down memory lane. Memories that were hidden for too long. An amazing movie that makes you think about life, people, and the complexity of war.