The Beach is definitely worth second watch

Today I was at the cinema for watching Up in The Air and in the break time I saw the fragments of The Beach and I decided to watch this film again at home...

The beach is a great adaptation of the novel. It genuinely captures the naturalistic themes expressed by Garland. It also incredibly captures the feel of the generation it appeals to, the late-teens/early-twenties crowd.

This film is definitely worth your time. The setting, cinematography, and action is amazing! The soundtrack is great too.Watch it again!

Up in the air

I really had high expectations for this film, it looked funny and different. When I sat down to watch it in the cinema the opening 10 minutes looked good...then it went downhill. Don't trust trailers (i've said that before but never listened to myself!), all the mildly amusing parts of this film is stuck in the trailer and made to look funnier than it is. What annoyed me more about this film was that they tried to make it unpredictable, but by doing this they only made it more predictable thus making viewers actually wanting it to be predictable. One of the only things about this film that makes it good was George Clooneys performance. Wait for the DVD and watch it at home.

Soul Kitchen

Director Faith Akin is often called one of the most interesting and popular contemporary Turkish director to have emerged in recent years. Soul Kitchen is Akin's highly anticipated first attempt at a genuine comedy. So far Akin has been has been more involved in the fields of drama and romance.

When you keep in mind that Akin is of Turkish origin and that Soul Kitchen is mainly situated in the Greek community of Hamburg, you might suggest that the film is a peace-offering to the other ethnicity, which in many cases still has hostile feelings against the Turks.
The good cooking that takes place makes you hungry, I liked the film and its musics I think I will get its soundtrack as soon as possible, I think you should watch it!


First of all, I love Cameron Crowe movies. My favorite one is Vanilla Sky. By the way, Vanilla Sky is undisputably Tom Cruise's best performance ever, hands down! Now back to Elizabethtown, maybe it's too ambitious, maybe it's Cameron Crowe's idea of the perfect boy meets girl romance, maybe just maybe, Crowe just wanted to say the heck with the audience and decided to make the kind of film he wanted. That's okay, he is not only a great writer/director but an movie artiste of our generation. I would have like to have seen more of Susan Sarandon's character. The scene in which she dances on stage to "Moon River" is beautiful. Who ever says women over 40...


Usually after sitting in a theater for almost 3 hours, you're about ready to wet yourself and your aching from sitting for so long. Not at all with this movie. Seriously, mind-blowing and awesome visuals, lots of color and play of light. A very serious care has been taken for details. Imagining a whole world and then defining its details and how should it react to environment is not a easy task. Avatar gets a full 10/10 for this.
But, yes but...its story, what I anticipated came true. Yes that we here who watches lots of movies (The Last Samurai specially) and play a bit games already knows what this story is. And those who are just smart and guessed something about the story watching the trailers... Its story is exactly what you thought. Old story with some meaningless (weak logic I would like to say) twists are put into it. I'm not mentioning anything here, as it would spoil , let enough people watch it, then we can start an argument over falsifying my claims. Seriously I'm not satisfied with the story but impressed with 3D...

The Eiger Sanction

This movie is fairly close to the book, Clint Eastwood directs and stars in this enjoyable, though at times cheesy, action-thriller, which a lot of the time feels like a James Bond film. The fact that Eastwood's character is a spy and he attracts many beautiful women are just a few of the points relating it to Bond.

The positive points of the film are it has some of the best mountain climbing action sequences ever filmed. Also, Eastwood is his usual tough guy self which is always fun to watch.

Los abrazos rotos

There's not much to say when Pedro Almodovar gives us a good movie. Even less when he gives us a wonderful movie.Los Abrazos Rotos starts out nice, this blind writer seems to have a lot to show us. With the first flashback to 1992 we already lose some ground since we are shifting gears down to another emotional setup; from there we start over grounded in pathos, so it is like we are told to hold back, just like the main characters. Since we are curious about the whole backstory we can take some of this, even though we're left with very little to chew as it unfolds. Eventually, when we know it all about the drama 14 years back, the movie painfully drags its feet to a dull ending. I would never have imagined Almodovar could get so boring.Basically, all major characters are on the same emotional level: they all bear the scars of a painful love and none is speaking his mind. We're just there to wait, overwhelmed by pathos, until a long winding flashback will tell us more. Maybe the movie starts up too emotional and fails to lighten up before going back to its roots.


I have to say too  that this shouldn't be titled as a romantic comedy, although that it may be. But maybe it could attract more people to it by saying that it is a Drama, instead of a romantic comedy with Mandy "isn't she the singer" Moore.
The leading guy was great. Can't remember any big roles from him before, but he really shines in this one. Mandy Moore wasn't too bad either.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

This is the third time:)
Matt Damon makes this film better than it should be. Jude Law and the tremendously overrated Gwyneth Paltrow are far too one-dimensional and whitebread as actors to make you interested in their characters at all...while I found myself on an emotional roller-coaster with Damon's character, liking, hating, feeling sorry for him all at once, I felt no interest in the other two leads. Matt Damon is one of the better GenX actors around...