Dancers in Motion

Dancers are admired for the way they move. Fluid and graceful, they are often seen twirling and spinning across an open stage.

Photographer Bill Wadman wanted to capture these movements, but in an unconventional way. Instead of taking boring still shots, he decided to go with long-exposures, allowing us to track the movements of these modern-day ballerinas.

Here's what one of the dancers had to say: "This past month, I was fortunate enough to be in some fantastic photos for photographer Bill Wadman's "Motion" project. It was really difficult to move at the exact right speed to capture the ribbons of movement, but after a few hours, I finally figured it out. If you actually had been sitting in on the session, I would have looked like a crazy, dancing monkey trying to cross about 6 feet of space fluidly in about 6 seconds. But the photos look amazing!"