Etomes is an ambitious project of my friends. 

What's Etomes?

"ETOMES is a Publishing House that aims to deliver the best quality Classics that you can find in the market. "

Their initial launch is with only two e-books but more will follow soon and their purpose is to rapidly expand their portfolio to all major classics and provide the best possible e-book experience that you can find in the market. Who knows; maybe with your support, they may one day publish Etomes versions of Dan Brown novels, Terry Pratchett books, of the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or A Song of Ice and Fire Saga by George R.R. Martin and the works of many such illustrious authors that would create a great user experience combined with their technology.

To start this journey readers should download free iPad application and preview the unique experience  with your own eyes. Kindle, Nook and other Android based tablet versions of our e-books will also be available in the coming months.