Again listen

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Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

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1/2 Batman 1/2 Regular Wedding Cake

Because marriage is all about compromise! By painter, baker, and party planner Becs Peel. Haha! Love it!

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Travel Belt

The Triposo Travel Belt plugs into the standard 3.5mm jack of a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). It uses a dedicated Triposo app and vibrates to indicate the direction you need to take. Launch the app, point to where you want to go, and put the phone back in your pocket. As soon as you start walking, the belt will buzz in any of four directions, guiding you from corner to corner until you reach your destination. You’ll look as comfortable as a local, while having absolutely no idea where you are. The Triposo Travel belt is up to secure funding on Indiegogo. If you want to pre-order your own, it’ll cost you $50.

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Real Life Grand Theft Auto: Cheat Phone

 imagined what a real life version of GTA would look like. In this short, Niko loses his all powerful cell phone and a random passerby manages to get a hold of it. He can cue up outfit changes, special powers, rocket launchers and the ability to ditch the cops. Can you imagine all the chaos you would create in such a lawless world?

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This movie isn't a masterpiece, but it is definitely worth watching. I would imagine that people who have come across the same problems as the characters in the story would find it even more intriguing. I can say that the story is quite believable and well positioned. There isn't too much mixture between the different story lines, which is a good change from other multistory movies. I would say that the acting is on a high level, but without overshadowing the script. Which is I think the best characteristic of this movie. In spite of the title, it doesn't present the internet influence in our lives only with negativity, but tries to show it with a realistic approach. I specifically enjoyed how the story with the web-chat went - at the end the bad guys turned out to be not that awful. What I am trying to say is that the movie manages to keep a balanced view, without branding anything particularly bad or good, but just presenting the online world we live in and how human interaction depends on it.

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High Tide Heels

These fun High Tide Heels created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat for an exhibition.

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Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters

Videogame mythbuster DefendTheHouse tries out a few unusual scenarios in Grand Theft Auto V to see how the game responds. This video is actually a demonstration that Rockstar thought of everything when developing this game. In episode 1, you can survive a fall from a helicopter, hide from cops in bushes, and tow police car while they are pursuing you...

The song is "" by ProleteR

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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life.

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