This is what you'll get if you talk to me again about your f*cking iPhone

Quoting: "Whenever a new hand held device, or new exciting smartphone hits the market, a questions roars through the internets, tech blogs and news: Is this the iPhone killer?"

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Wood fits paper


This gave me an immense sense of completion. The harmony of wood with book's paper, as materials... and that...close fit between surfaces...and, the "openness" of the book while you don't read, still. The stillness. I am impressed by this.

Book Hook by Tell Ritterbach

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Disk-it Sticky Notes by Burak Kaynak

By designer Burak Kaynak.
You should definitely check his other projects.
This guy realized every project I wanted to create...while I was busy working for big (!) corporations. So I'm thanking him for showing me how I wasted my life, and for how beautifully he inspires us.

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Mark Jenkins

There are few artists whose site I visit as often as those of Mark Jenkins'. Every three to four weeks, he publishes a new work on his homepage. And I feel almost obligated to be as creative as to be documented there. The latest installations are very nice. As always!

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Is your hair getting thinner?

A clever advertising campaign on printed memo pads for Pantogar (a hair care company.)

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