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Game of Thrones

I didn't read the books so what I see in the episodes are completely new to me. This series is outstanding, the plot it very complex, you get a lot of action/drama scenes. Sometimes it gives you the felling that you're watching a football match where you don't have a favorite team, but as the game goes you get this occurred felling and you get yourself backing a team as if they where your favorites from the beginning. It definitely makes you want more.

What makes this series so great is that you never know what will happen. In some series/movies you know XXX is the good guy and they will never die. They will always win. It takes out the suspense. Instead of wondering if your guy will win, you just watch to see how they will when. In this serie everything goes. No one is safe or secure. It is one of the first series where no one ( except those who have read the books) knows what will happen. (next phrase has a spoiler)For example, we have Ed Stark at the beginning. He is the guy featured on the posters. He is the King's hand. At the end of the 1st season, he dies. 

 I am loving this serie and sad I have to wait for Season 2.

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Castle is a really good TV show . I started watching it because of Nathan Fillion.

I know him from the show "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity" and he has done a great job in this too.

This show is different from other crime shows.
The chemistry between the lead characters is awesome. Story of most episodes is cheesy but its still fun because all the actors have done a great job.
 I recommend it to anyone who don't like to get bored watching a show.

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This is not Buffy! This is not Angel! 

This is speculative fiction. It shows technology and situations that are extrapolations of what is and what could be. This show has no magic where the laws of nature are avoided. This one is a different genre. The technology of the Black projects that the government funds are much more advanced than what is commercially available. Cloning of humans is probably a secret but historical fact. Hybrids of human and animal DNA are rumoured to exist. Imprinting of a human personality into a cybernetic body for the prolongation of human life is being researched and could already be a reality. Pity us when the serial killer can escape by changing bodies.

The premise of Dollhouse allows for the use of Dolls for many purposes. Many may use it as a whorehouse but it also is easily used for spying and commercial purposes. James Bond gets old and changes bodies/actors but if his abilities and character are placed in many agents, a dependable agent is mass produced and production is assured.

We have also seen that this is not just an American operation. There are Dollhouses in various countries. The resources of Dollhouse permeate the highest and most secure levels of governments. We have also seen that a person can be a volunteer to be a doll or a conscript. Theoretically, a murder can be wiped and made to lead a peaceful life thereafter, but the magic in the premise is when the exceptions come into view. There may be a general rule but radicals appear in the best system. That makes it interesting. 

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Firefly is a unique and well-developed show, with interesting characters and riveting plots.

The show had an awesome team to make it. It had amazing episodes that were produced in such ways that when watching it, I was amazed. I loved the dialog and it's classic Joss Whedon attributes of wit, sarcasm, and his purposeful directing. There was meaning in places where you wouldn't usually find it to be. The ship itself had several meanings, as did its various parts, and crew. The show was very pleasing to watch and its a shame that there are people out there who don't understand that although the idea of a space western is hard to conceptualize with it's oddities (for instance, the presence of guns with bullets as opposed to tasters/phasers/lasers), that this is a science fiction show. It is a fiction about another dimension; the space western aspect is only the background of the show. The story lines and morals, alongside with the wonderful acting and great dialogue, makes this a show to be watched. 
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I have seen this movie in IF movie festival in Istanbul. Well which two words would you, and hopefully any other reasonable human being, use to describe a movie with a plot synopsis like this: an ordinary rubber tire comes to life in the middle of the Californian desert, quickly discovers that he disposes of dangerous telepathic powers and goes on a murderous stroll. The tire violently blows up people's heads left, right and center while a cinematic audience follows his joyful escapades from a safe distance through binoculars. Well, most likely but completely justified you will use the words "absurd" and "random". The most clever gimmick about this film, however, is that it actually points out the randomness before you even have the opportunity to ponder about it. "Rubber" opens with an extended spoken monologue by one of the characters and he repeatedly emphasizes the fact that everything in this film happens for absolutely no reason at all. Even more so, "Rubber" is an hour and a half long homage to randomness. Robert the tire comes to life for no reason. He can make small animals and human heads explode for no reason. He chases a cute brunette girl around for no reason. A group of bizarre people observe him like it's a real life movie for no reason. 

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Battlestar Galactica


BSG is a wonderful sci-fi series! In the midst of the battles between the human kind and the robots, the dark sides of the people are exposed whereas the robots display in themselves what humanity should be. The desire to survive, the yearning for the Earth, and the hope for the future drive both the humans and the robots as the distinctions between them gradually disappear.

The casting was exceptional and the performances were more than convincing. The actors did excellent jobs in expressing the emotional struggles within and without. The dynamic and unpredictable story lines demanded feats of acting skills and they all performed to high standards. 

I am at a loss for words when writing on this show. It's not that this show is so good that it transcends words, it's more of , how do I explain what I feel? For that's what this show is. It isn't about what you see, it's about what you feel, in your emotional reaction. 
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Despite it's 2 1/2 to 3 hour length, Oliver Hirschbiegel's film never slows for one second. This is a testament to his brilliant direction.
What is also brilliant is the acting of Bruno Ganz as Adolph Hitler. I have never seen such emotion brought to a role.
What really impresses is the stark realism of the film. You actually feel as if you are there when the Nazi world is crumbling.
Another great aspect of the film is seeing the humanism of the people. Some were thoroughly consumed with the Nazi madness, some were in a trance with their love of Hitler, and some, like Albert Speer, actually defied his orders. All were aghast at his madness at the end.

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In "Paprika," a revolutionary device called a DC Mini - think like a Bluetooth headset with stiletto attachments - is stolen from a research facility where a group of psychiatrists are experimenting with technology that allows them to enter peoples' dreams. The DC Mini, we learn, was developed with the intention of attempting to understand the dynamics dreams play in certain mental illnesses, and trying to see if a cure can be found there. When this theft happens, dreams literally collide head-on with reality, as the figments of peoples' imaginations are sprayed all over the real world.

Atsuko Chiba is a researcher who along with the DC Mini's portly developer, a laboratory gnome, a homicide detective, and Chiba's gorgeous, dreamy alter-ego Paprika must enter the world of dreams to uncover the sinister plot behind the device's theft.

"Paprika" is one ambitious, fabulous-looking,  not even five minutes go by when this film already starts to manipulate the boundaries of fantasy and reality. This is certainly one of the most beautiful-looking Anime features I've ever seen. The bizarre and surreal imagery really does seem like a nightmare come vividly to life on the screen.
Dream on!

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The Tourist

I never thought it would be a movie starring one of the greatest actors of our time, and one of the most beautiful actresses around. It also starred some of my other favorites like Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell, and Timothy Dalton. 

I decided to see this movie even though the critics gave it very poor reviews. I never thought in my wildest dreams that a movie with the credentials of this one might be bad....but, it was. Boring, in fact. 

By now you probably know the storyline about a beautiful, mysterious woman, (Jolie), who becomes involved with some mysterious goings on starting in Paris and moving on to Venice. She meets a man (Depp) on a train (an old plot ploy) and takes him to her hotel in Venice where she kisses him and then promptly leaves him to sleep on the couch. Then the real action starts..a gangster is after a man he think is some one who stole from him, instead finding a mild mannered math teacher, simply a tourist. The scenery in Venice is gorgeous and helps make up for some plot holes. The story is so muddled that the scenery doesn't help enough.

Hmmmm....Nothing about this film worked well. The cinematography was just OK, the writing was terrible, and the direction was missing. In one scene what was supposed to be a long, slow romantic approach to each other was interrupted by a song that was far from romantic. In another, Depp's attempts at humor fall flat. The few times Jolie spoke, I wasn't sure what kind of accent she was trying to do, only figuring out through other sources what nationality she was supposed to be. 

Think what you will of Angelina, but I don't see her as a serious actress. She is just beautiful, and extremely frail looking in this role, not sexy at all. I love Depp but he has rarely gone for the romantic leading man role. He should stick to what he does so well, the quirky, character driven roles.

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